Valkyrie… And other things

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Lifestyle, Motoring, Tech

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The revelation. The latest. The newest. The best hypercar from F1 Red Bull’s former sponsor, Aston Martin. A car designed to rival the McLaren Senna, a V12 engine that will reach 11,000RPM. Music in the making. 

However, if you thought this was going to be another teaser to the car we will never drive, much less own, and perhaps once see in the flesh, allow me to disabuse you from such notion. This is not about a car that represents the last gasp before the imminent death of the fossil fuel engine.

No, my dear friends. This is about Aston Martin. This is about the future. And this is about a brand that is proud of their achievements. One that recognizes they need to drop their traditions, yes, and are going to do that with a bang. With a car designed for the screensaver rather than for the road. Sure, it will be great for the eight inbred heirs of industrial conglomerates capable of purchasing one, but that’s it.

What this is about is Aston Martin coming out with a range of EV transmissions designed to retrofit all pasts models and, hence, convert them into electric moving art pieces. They are starting with the DB6 Volante, but they promise to continue throughout their historical monuments to enable every unit (mostly, some Astons may not be deserving… Think the “Ford Era”) to go exhaust-free.

That’s glorious. That’s grand and that’s truly exciting. Giving the wealthy owner of a V12 Vanquish the chance to convert that piece of art into a sustainable vehicle he will be able to drive once Europe finally drops its oil habit. A car that the Chinese entrepeneur will be able to drive into Beijing on those days that forbid car circulation due to pollution. And he won’t have to do it in a Rimac, a Tesla or a Kia, he will be able to do it in the Aston Martin Pierce Brosnan drove in Die Another Day.

Their cars are surely fast and striking but, most of all, they are gorgeous. They possess a sober beauty that grows on you and never leaves. They are not an obvious flaunt of sharp edges, vivid colors and titanium exhausts, there is grace on the pencil, harmony on the dimensions and taste on the materials and finish. An Aston Martin is at home on every occasion. It’s the car of a connoisseur. The choice of those with a picky palate. 

Praise to Aston for not only trying to make another fastest thing, this time from the expert hands of Adrian Newey, but also for paying back its loyal clientele with the option of keeping their prized possessions on the roads of the future.

Well, before I go, just one more thing:

So… exciting…

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