Ferrari F8 Tributo unveiled

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Hypercar numbers, Supercar price. The F8 Tributo could be a game changer

We say goodbye to a future classic. The Ferrari 488GTB. It seems it was only yesterday that the 488 Pista was flaunted as the latest best thing out of Maranello. It came with 710hp on-tap and a heart that belonged on the track. Now, just a year later, the kids that high-five Vettel on a weekly basis have brought out the F8.

From the outset, it’s a numbers game. The F8 spits 720hp through the rear wheels at a top end of 7,000rpm, weighs 40kg less than its 1,475Kg predecessor and is 0.1s quicker to 100kph. The engine is the same 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 that powers the 488, meaning the engineers, praise be to them, have managed to extract 185hp per litre of air coming into the combustion chambers. Complete hypercar territory.

Just compare that for example to the Pagani Huayra, which is 117hp/L. “Yes, but that’s not Turbo!”. Ok, Bugatti Chiron, 187hp/l. What now? Even the hybrid LaFerrari gets a specific power output of 155hp/l.

488GTB inspired, the new sister has finally gone back to the four-round back-lights Ferrari last seen on the F430 which, from a personal perspective, is a home run. The aerodynamics are 10% more efficient (read downforce) and the rear diffuser is now active for higher top-speed without compromising turn speed. The air path into the engine has also been redesigned to accommodate the four massive radiators that manage to keep the entire thing from melting.

A nice touch is the slitted rear window that evokes the F40 so often seen adorning the walls of the teenager in the 90’s. See-thru to the pristine V8 that sits right before the rear axle, and married to that is a double-clutch seven-speed gearbox. Speed is suitably ludicrous, with the F8 capable of reaching 100kph in just 2.9 seconds, 200kph in just 7.8, and topping at 340kph. You should have no trouble reigning that kind of pace either thanks to the massive 398mm brakes at the front, and 360mm at the back.

This is the era of digital technology. No doubt. But Ferrari is not behind by putting all the computing power to the service of lap times and cornering speed. That means no-nonsense on the interiors, no massive infotainment touch-screens, and no multifunction levers. Forward, backwards and sideways is what the F8 Tribute is all about. Thus, the cockpit is tremendously driver-focused and, although compressed to just 1.2m of total height, there is enough headroom for a long man. With a helmet. Anyone shorter than 1.92m tall can easily take to the track and have the time of her life.

Price is still not totally confirmed but sources cite a reasonable trim should come at the exchange of $270,000. Pricey? Yes. Expensive? Maybe not… Instead of thinking on the price-tag, perhaps focus on the less than 8 seconds to 200KPH. This level of acceleration normally comes in exchange for three times the meagre pittance Ferrari is asking for here. Apart from the McLaren 720S, every car this quick to the mark looms over the million dollar range.

Thus, the F8 Tributo could be a game changer. One that may force the hypercar marque to go back to the drawing board and do a bit of the ol’ homework. Somehow justify the seven figure they currently ask for. One thing though, the Tributo is absolutely spectacular. But something tells me she has the minerals to back-up her aesthetic claims…

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