The Golf doesn’t grow old

by | Jul 28, 2019 | Motoring

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We have reached 156,000 km with the GTI and she still ticks every box. Even financially

The new generation of Golf is now live. The MK VIII has a face, and a body, and the GTI version will be launched probably before the end of this year. The iconic hatchback is very mature and has accompanied me, with the MK VII version for 64 months. And like all kids like me, I am always looking at new cars, new toys. I loved the Megane RS, a car I would buy, because it fits my spending limit and above all my adrenaline need. I look at used Lotus Exige S (4 Cylinder). She also fits my budget and my wet dreams. But then I look into my own garden, and I see my five years and four months old VW Golf GTI MK VII, which I bought new in March 2014. I look at the tachometer, and I read 156,000 Km. She is the car that lasted me the longest, and there are many reasons for it. But we are a data Company, and I want to share how much it cost me from day 1, before saying why I am not buying a new car…. yet

Cost as new: 31,824 $

I bought the Basic Model. No Sat Nav, no sunroof, no lead lights, no leather, instead the beautiful and robust Tartan Canvas. She came with the DSG Gearbox as standard. I wanted it manual. Al Nabooda (the dealer) refused to import a manual for me. So I cried for a discount which I obtained.

Insurance: 5,168 $

A full insurance policy has always protected her with AXA and I have zero claims (yes, I am lucky). I could have saved at least 60% had I chosen a “Third Party only”.

Fuel Cost: 8,878 $

My “right foot” can manage around 11.5 Km/l; hence I have consumed approximately 13,600 Liters of Petrol

Servicing: 5,276 $

“Ze German” has done every service, precisely every 15,000 km at the dealer service centre (Al Nabooda). She hasn’t missed one. Servicing cost me 4,760 $ in total. The only extra cost I had to bear with has been the AC blower which broke after 151,000 km. Price was 516 $.

Tires: 2,339 $

Today, I am using my fourth set, the Pirelli P7. (Michelin Pilot Sport 3, 924 USD. Nitto NT01, 760 USD. Pirelli P7, 651 USD.)

The Nitto NT01. You will pay the mega grip with a lot of noise. Not worth it

Motorway Toll: 8,128 $

I spend an average of 127 $ per month

Others: 816 $

Chip Tuning: 544 $ & Registration: 272 $

Total Cost: 47,634 $

  • Cost per Km: 0,3 $
  • Cost per year: 8,931 $
  • Cost per day: 24,49 $
  • Average km per day: 80,2 km

The reason why I am not giving up my GTI:

  1. I have no money to spend in a car right now. (I only buy in cash)
  2. The Golf is still in excellent mechanical condition
  3. Everything electric works, precisely as new and it feels very solid
  4. No squeaky noise coming from suspensions, brakes, doors, steering
  5. After the tuning at 100,000 km which was a soft chip adjustment of the ECU, my Golf is producing the same power of a Golf R (around 280 Bhp). This means, I get the kick I like when I need it
  6. It’s comfortable, silent, easy to park, the stereo works marvel, the connectivity is immediate and reliable
  7. It’s still a lot of fun and it’s cheap to run

As a fun project, calculate the cost of ownership of yours and see if you can beat the German version of the people’s car.

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