Even Aston Martin could not resist

by | Sep 25, 2019 | Motoring

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The new SUV “DBX” will be launched in December

SUV, SUV, SUV. Oh dear. Another one. Another machine that will do nothing very well. Another compromise. But that’s what the market wants, so bring it. The new DBX is nearly on the public roads and to be quite honest it looks very hot, at least in comparison to some arguable recent designs. Here are the 6 reasons why you should love, or you should hate it.

1) It’s NOT Hybrid. It will feature a 4.0 Ltr V8 Twin Turbo, capable of 550 Hp and 700 Nm. We love it. Less weight, fewer complications, more purity.

2) They say it laps the Nordschleife in less than 8 minutes. It’s a sign of a perfect balance. But who will ever lap the Green Hell in a DBX? We still love the fact that it’s fast.

3) It looks cool. The backend is somehow slick, and the little ducktail gives it some athleticism. Maybe it also helps to reduce the aero uplift at high speed, in combination with the roof spoiler. The front is very Aston. We like it.

4) The engineers say they also strive for the best “practicability and comfort”. Well, surely the comfort will be excellent (if the engineers have managed some soft enough suspensions to cope with colossal wheel and low profile tires), at least for four guests; however, we doubt it could match the cargo space of a modern Station Wagon and the practicability of a low loading deck. Nope, we don’t buy the “practicability” statement.

5) Personality: we think it only comes from the value the client will give to the brand and the design of the vehicle. All top-end SUVs are equally outstanding in performance, yet useless because they still have to manage a “well-over-two-ton” box. BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi and Volvo are no jokes. Aston has made a truly good looking machine. It will be a personal choice.

6) Off-roading? We don’t know yet how good it will be, but most probably it will not match the new Land Rover Defender skills. But again, it’s not an issue, because no one will drive more than a few hundred meters of gravel in this car, just enough to reach the hunting manor. Please take the “U” off this SUV name.

So, welcome DBX. The market requested you loudly, we like the way you look and we love your brand. Are we excited? Not one bit but maybe we are prejudiced.

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