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by | Sep 30, 2019 | News

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Ingolstadt makes a super SUV for kids

The automotive world is changing in many ways. We don’t know whether the demand is spontaneously shifting or, instead, the marketing has become so potent that the population is driven to become the successful lab of the marketing specialists. “We create the product, and then we convince you that it’s good for you.” Fact is that SUVs are nowadays the dominant forces on wheels. We got that.

We have recognized at least five sub-markets inside this explosive segment: the seven-seaters, the “Big size” 5 seaters, the “Medium-size,” the “Small size,” the “Mini size.” But it’s not finished yet, because there are the coupe versions of some of them too, like for Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, and other Japanese brands. And these latter are the ones that to us make the least sense. They lose some of the internal space which is supposed to be one their fortes; hence, they lose their practicability, as well as rear visibility. In some cases, they also look ugly (Mercedes and BMW are on top of our list)

The “normal” shape of the Q3 RS

Audi has launched the RS Q3 and the RS Q3 Sportback (coupe resembling), hence hitting the “Small-size” market, but with a mighty engine. The 2.5 lt, 5 Cylinder is Turbocharged and delivers 400 bhp and 480 Nm of torque. Power is transferred to the road through its legendary Quattro system and a super quick seven-speed S Tronic gearbox
Audi has called this model “A progressive SUV Crossover” and the MD claims that the RS Q3 “establishes a new segment.”

Kyalami Green; a special color available for the RS Q3 (in this picture the Sportback)

It’s sad but true. However, in our view, this little new wonder of Ingolstadt (especially the Sportback version) has a much better competitor in the Audi portfolio; the RS3 and here’s why; they share the same engine. The Q3 will never be as athletic as the great RS3. They offer more or less the same cargo space. The RS3 will never go off-road. But then again neither will the RS Q3. Furthermore, the RS3 look so much better and delivers the sporting DNA of Audi far better than a “niche of a niche” SUV shape.

The almighty RS3, the car we would surely choose over the Q3

The dynamics will undoubtedly be outstanding… for the segment:

The Audi Drive Select dynamic handling system influences the Quattro drive and other components such as steering, suspension, S Tronic, engine characteristic, and sound. Depending on the selected equipment variant, there is a choice of five or six modes: comfort, auto, dynamic, efficiency, and individual or, as an alternative to the individual mode, the two new RS modes RS1 and RS2. Via the MMI, the driver can adjust and save the two RS modes individually. Simply pressing the new “RS MODE” steering wheel button provides rapid access to the two new modes and allows the driver to switch between modes.” 


Look, Audi Group feed 90,000 employees and their families, delivered 1.8 million cars in 2018, claim 59,2 Billion Euro revenues and 4,7 Billion profit. They know what they are doing. If they launched this new “progressive” super-sport mini SUV for kids, they must understand what the market wants. We still find it non-sense, but we are growing, and hopefully one day we will also accept it.

Some markets will only receive the Sportback version. The UAE is one of them.

  • Engine: 5 Cylinder, 2,5 Lt Turbocharged
  • Power: 400 Bhp
  • Torque: 480 Nm
  • Weight: 1610 Kg (estimated)
  • Price in the UAE: TBA
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