Aston. Martin. Valhalla.

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Lifestyle, Motoring

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We like Aston Martin. They have nowhere close the financial capabilities of the likes of Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari and Audi, but they try. Very hard. And they make stunning machines. Then they enter the hypercar market where a normal manufacturer would be swallowed alive by the other beasts but again, they still get in, like a Gladiator, against any odds. Yes, they have a great legacy and a supreme history but that doesn’t make money, nor guarantee performance.

The Valhalla, the domestic version of the Valkyrie, is a road monster that aims to beat the Kings and Queens. The car will use a twin-turbocharged V6 engine as opposed to the Valkyrie but will share the KERS system from the flagship track car. The combined output of those two will be around 1,000 Bhp. It weighs only 1,350 Kg and it’s designed by the living legend, Adrian Newey. That alone would make me buy it.

Aston Martin will only make 500 units at a price which is expected to be no less than Two Million USD. Will it be driven on the roads? We hope so. It should. We sat in it and she feels she can cruise around the city with no major complications, like for any other similar rare animals.

They say there is plenty of customization available. Colors, interiors etc. Which will make every 500 units one of a kind. I want mine black.

Sinatra and Freddie said it in song. Aston says it in music

Bugatti made the Chiron, McLaren the Senna. Soon, I guess, Lambo will come out with the… Settimo Cielo? and Ferrari with the La Dino. Ala Dino.

Go out with a bang, the idiom says. “My way”, said Sinatra. “Show must go on”, sang Freddie. We are living Hypercar Extravaganza lately. A litany of “Best Ever” cars are peppering out news feeds. This is the end of an era. Mercedes is taunting Project One, a 1,000bhp monster powered, quite seamlessly by electricity.

Musical cars are at an end. The symphony of the V12, and the V8 is on its way out. A conclusion to a bit over 120 years of greasy excitement and delicate heal & toe. The book is written. The epilogue is a rebirth based on electricity.

Valhalla is the Viking heaven. And other than being Norse, there is no more fitting name to this, probably last, absolute gem of engineering. This pinnacle of controlled explosion turned into giggle generator. A car that transports you into a soon forgotten paradise reserved for heroes.

Thank you Aston Martin. This will do.

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