Electrovan. PEUGEOT e-EXPERT

by | May 16, 2020 | Motoring, News

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The ubiquitous van that does the last mile in logistics has a tough life. First, it is invisible to the human eye. Only when it’s blocking your way or preventing you from exiting your parking spot you notice it. It’s slow, lumbering, blocks traffic view and is noisy and smokey.

However, it is known that over 80% of them do less than 200km a day. Making them an ideal candidate for electrification. Especially considering that more and more cities are restricting traffic to combustion vehicles. Thus, here comes the Peugeot e-Expert. A fully electric version of the known sister.

Coming in two battery variants, 50kWh and 75kWh, they don’t come close to the range we expect in a car, but are considerably higher than the 200km average. As such, these stand at 230km and 330km respectively.

Compatible with up to 100kW chargers, it can get to 80% charge in 45 minutes (75kWh model) or 30 min, up to over 11 hours when using a wall outlet. The battery comes with a 160,000km warranty for 70% of its charge capacity. That means the 75kWh model will continue to hold charge beyond the 200km threshold for the entirety of the battery life.

Located under the load floor, the batteries manage to show no impact on loading volume. This placement also favours chassis rigidity, center of gravity and weight distribution. As such, the e-Expert is offered in capacities up to 1,275 kg of load and it remains compatible with coach builder modifications for specific cargo.

On sale in the second half of 2020 with production taking place exclusively in France for the time being.

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