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Just two days ago, Mazda started production of the new MX-30. An all-new full electric car. Front-wheel drive and 145HP, the new car is expected to extract 200km range out of the 35.5kWh battery.

The manufacturer claims this offers an optimum balance between driving range, which should give the driver peace of mind, and zero CO2 emissions from a Life Cycle Assessment. Rapid DC charging will be capable to fill up 80% battery in just 40 minutes.

The “Skyactiv” architecture intends to offer a quiet and seamless driving experience, and it aims to be as good on the road as every other Mazda car. The interior offers a variety of environmentally friendly materials such as cork and recycled plastic from bottles.

Heads-Up display, torque vectoring, radar cruise control and Apple CarPlay are just a few of the standard equipment on offer. The dynamic focus extends to the throttle, offering a seamless transition between power delivery and regeneration.

Full specs, prices and availability is still to come but expect a price tag of around 35,000 USD.

Battery35.5KWh - Li-Ion
0-100KPHSome Time
Top SpeedYes
#BootIt has one
Real Estate
WeightHeavy Kg
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