Do. Not talk. Volvo MAKES renewable

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Motoring, News

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We have, for a while already, been following in awe at the moves Volvo has done since they were acquired by Geely. Polestar, modular platform, XC90, XC60, XC40… All fantastically attractive. Albeit expensive, one must say.

But the last couple of news, namely the XC40 EV and the self limitation to 180KPH seemed like slam dunks in the game of car making. Until now. For this is the month when Volvo’s factory in Chengdu, China, is fully powered by renewable energy.

Volvo Cars Chengdu car plant

After supply negotiations, the largest factory the brand has in China increases its renewable power from 70% all the way to 100%. The move falls in line with the brand strategy in Europe, where their engine plant in Sweden became climate neutral in 2018, and their Belgium plant installed 15,000 solar panels.

It is an already demonstrated fact that EV cars do have less CO2 impact throughout their lifetime over petrol ones, and that includes the manufacturing and disposing of the highly contaminant batteries. However, and as part of their commitment towards the environment, Volvo continues to make strides into ethical production, which will also include the supply chain.

Hydropower station dam in Chengdu

Volvo’s ambition remains to generate 50% of their global sales from full EV cars by 2025. And they seem to just do, not simply talk about it. Much to learn…

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