BMW M5 Competition

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Lifestyle, Motoring, News

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625HP. 750Nm of torque. ‘Nuff said.

The arrival of the new BMW M5 Competition sees the high-performance saloon returning to the stage. In its sharpest and most performance-focused form to date. 4.4-litre V8 turbocharged engine with a finely-tuned chassis that incorporates new dampers, the M5 Competition delivers everyday usability and comfort of an executive saloon. And something more…

Eight-cylinder unit that develops 625 Bhp at 6,000rpm. Peak torque of 750Nm is on tap between 1,800 and 5,860 rpm. The characteristics of the V8 can be altered at the touch of a button from the EFFICIENT mode to SPORT and SPORT+, the latter two further enhancing the engine’s response to inputs of the accelerator. The M5 Competition sprints from 0-100 KPH in 3.3 seconds, with 0-200 KPH achieved in 10.8 seconds.

The eight-speed transmission enables short shift times and fast, precise responses to every nudge of the accelerator. The switch on the gear selector allows three modes for efficient, sporty or dynamically intense track driving with rapid gearshifts.

4WD. Embrace the present

The rear-wheel-biased setup of M xDrive (yes, it is 4WD) provides the BMW M5 Competition with extreme agility. In addition, the driver can vary the distribution of power between front and rear wheels themselves, and also adjust the responses of the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system.

Drivers also have the choice of 2WD mode (also automatically disabling DSC) for the traditional M5 rear-wheel drive experience. Specially tuned chassis, which includes double-wishbone front suspension and five-link rear suspension. It benefits from experience gained in the development of the new BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupé.

The amount of camber at the front axle enhances the car’s ability to absorb lateral forces through high-speed corners. Fitting the toe links with ball joints instead of rubber mounts has resulted in highly precise wheel guidance at the rear axle. The high spring rate of the rear anti-roll bar allows the body roll that occurs through high-speed corners to be distributed with a pronounced rear bias.

The Competition comes with M Compound brakes, which are lighter than conventional cast iron items. At the front, there are perforated, inner-vented brake discs with six-piston fixed calipers, single at the rear. Ceramic brakes are also an option that slims the package by 23 kg.

Track-day car

Track mode is actually useful. Perhaps for the first time ever. Activate it and a whole host of things happen. First, the central console switches off. Then, the audio system shuts up. All driving aids are removed. And even the emergency braking lights and the collision alerts will not bother. That’s a change of pace!

For all the amenities the 5-Series offer… well… there are tons of articles that will mention how good the central display and the HUD are. This will only focus on what makes the new, glorious, inspiring BMW M5 Competition, a unique offering to the gods of thunder that invented the combustion engine. It may very well be the last one. Ever. Time will tell.

Ah, yes, the price. It’s about 135,000 $ depending on options. Hope we can test it and tell you how worth it is of that amount of cash.

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