Ferrari SF90 Spider. Plug-in. Convertible. What else?

by | Nov 16, 2020 | Motoring, News

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V8 and hybrid. 1000Hp for the latest tanning machine from Modena

With the same specs as the SF90 Stradale, the new Spider version sets a new standard for the brand in performance for convertible models. The roof-top comes with further evolution both in terms of space and speed. The volume is just 100 liters and the unveiling takes just 14 seconds. Which can be taken with the car in motion. That’s traffic light specifications… Interior comfort with the top down is enhanced by a retractable electric rear window.

The 4.0l turbo V8 engine produces 780HP. That is 195HP per liter. Incredible. Combined with two electric motors of 82kW (60Hp) for the front wheels give the car a combined power output of 1,000Hp. Modified air ducts and slight variations to the positions of the turbo and the exhaust have managed to lower the center of gravity, making the SF90 Spider an even more menacing track day car. And talking about track days, the new Ferrari also offers the Assetto Fiorano pack, specific to the competitively oriented.

The engine pairs with the double-clutch 8-speed sequential gearbox for a RWD transmission, and with the electric motors operating only on the front wheels. The AWD configuration marks the redesign of the chassis to deal with the added stress associated with the new power unit. Even after adding an extra gear, and reinforcing it to harness the 900Nm of torque, it is 10kg lighter than its predecessor. Gear changes take 200ms. As a frame of reference, F1 cars do it in 80ms, so… not too shabby.


Futuristic is the word of the day. A design that would not be out of place in Blade Runner or The Island, with integrated headlights, a sharp nose and humongous difuser, the SF90 stands as the most striking Ferrari short of the F40. Absent spoilers and other protuberances, the side profile is sleek and clean and edgy. However, rather than talk about it, here is the proof of what it looks like.

Now this is where we would talk about driving, and prices, and availability, and etc. But this is not that kind of review.

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