QX55 – Infiniti comes back to life

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Motoring

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Long awaited, the successor to the QX50 (formerly FX), is born. An SUV with an aggressive profile, a futuristic rear and a menacing front. So much so that as soon as I saw it I could only think of Jaws. The shark. Teeth portrayed in the front grille and flanked by eye-looking LED headlights, the insignia is the nose and you could almost glimmer Don Lino, from Shark Tale (2004) in the smile of the lower intake.

On the back we have the tailights, which pack 45 LEDs in a single housing and the Infiniti logo doubles up as the tailgate button, which aims to reinforce a minimalist canvas free of clutter. The flowing and seemingly low profile contribute to highlight the sportscar appearance of the car, although we question how it will affect interior space and utility.

Dual screens preside the interior, one for control and the other for display. These stand in the center console and, surprisingly, the dials remain with the traditional, and mechanical, gauges we seem to have forgotten in newer models. Sliding back seats can be used for increased leg-room or enhanced storage upon need.

Detailed specs haven’t been published yet, but we know that the engine is a Variable Compression 4-cyl turbo with 268HP and 380Nm of torque and that the transmission is a torque converter. Stay tuned.

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