Impetus Novus. From Latin. It means Drive of Innovation. However hard or easy it is to produce new technology, it is more difficult to assess what will be the real-life consequences they will bring. Some technologies are even questionable from a concept. Some are just a marketing ploy to develop something else. And yet some others, are on the way to re-align our very lives and re-shape our societies. We are nobody. Just a band of people with very few, but very developed, analytic skills. We try to analyze the information various industries put out and contrast it with real-world data, study how they may affect the daily lives of our fellow humans and, perhaps most important, we pose a thesis of why things are happening. We are probably wrong. We may be right. But our opinion does not matter. We look at the data, we analyze potential consequences and we present our conclusion. Who we are is not important, what you think is.